darts/json.h file

Serialization and deserialization of various darts types to/from JSON.


using json = nlohmann::json
Bring nlohmann::json into scope.


template<class T>
void from_json(const json& j, mat<T, 4, 4>& m)
parse a Mat44<T> from json
template<class T, int N>
void from_json(const json& j, vec<T, N>& v)
parse a Vec<N,T> from json
template<class T>
void to_json(json& j, const mat<T, 4, 4>& v)
Serialize a Mat44<T> to json.
template<class T, int N>
void to_json(json& j, const vec<T, N>& v)
Serialize a Vec3<N,T> to json.
void from_json(const json& j, Transform& v)
Parse a Transform from json.
void to_json(json& j, const Transform& t)
Serialize a Transform to json.