darts/ directory

main Darts include directory


file array2d.h
Class Array2d.
file box.h
Contains the implementation of a generic, N-dimensional axis-aligned Box class.
file camera.h
Class Camera.
file common.h
Common include files and various utility functions.
file factory.h
Implementation of the abstract factory.
file fwd.h
Various forward declaration.
file image.h
Class Image, Image3f, and Image4f.
file json.h
Serialization and deserialization of various darts types to/from JSON.
file material.h
Class Material.
file math.h
Contains various classes for linear algebra: vectors, matrices, rays, axis-aligned bounding boxes.
file mesh.h
Class Mesh.
file parallel.h
parallel processing functionality
file progress.h
Class Progress.
file ray.h
Contains the definition of a generic, N-dimension Ray class.
file sampling.h
Random sampling on various domains.
file scene.h
Class Scene.
file sphere.h
Class Sphere.
file spherical.h
Namespace Spherical.
file surface.h
Class HitInfo, Surface, and XformedSurfaceWithMaterial.
file surface_group.h
Class SurfaceGroup.
file test.h
Class Test.
file transform.h
Class Transform.
file triangle.h
Class Triangle.