The schedule below lists the reading material, due dates for assignments, and topics covered. Due dates for assignment also appear on Canvas. All dates/times are in Eastern time (Hanover, NH).

For convenience, you can also find/download all the slides linked from the schedule below in this Dropbox folder.

Week 1: Introduction
Sep 12Syllabus; Ch. 13; PBR Ch. 2Introduction; linear algebra review
Sep 14RTOW, all chaptersPA0Ray tracing
Sep 15  X-hour - Darts base code introduction
Sep 16RTOW, all chapters Ray tracing – Shading
Week 2: Meshes & Textures
Sep 19RTOW, all chapters Ray tracing – Shading
Sep 21RTNW Ch. 1, 3; PBR Ch. & acceleration structures
Sep 22  X-hour
Sep 23PBR Ch. 4PA1Meshes & acceleration structures
Week 3: Radiometry & Monte Carlo
Sep 26RTNW Ch. 48RA2Texture mapping
Sep 28RTNW Ch. 48 Environment Mapping; Procedural Texturing
Sep 29  X-hour - Debugging
Sep 30PBR Ch. 5Quiz 1Radiometry; Reflection Equation
Week 4: Monte Carlo
Oct 3RTRYL; PBR Ch. 13RA3, PA2Monte Carlo I
Oct 5RTRYL; PBR Ch. 13 Monte Carlo II
Oct 6  X-hour
Oct 7PBR Ch. 13 Monte Carlo III: Importance sampling
Week 5: Direct Illumination, Rendering Equation, & Path Tracing
Oct 10RTRYL; PBR Ch. 8RA4Direct Illumination I
Oct 11 PA3 
Oct 12PBR Ch. 13, Ch. 14 Direct Illumination II;
Multiple Importance Sampling
Oct 13  X-hour
Oct 14RTRYL; PBR Ch. 14.414.5 Multiple Importance Sampling;
Rendering Equation & Path Tracing
Week 6: Microfacet Models & Participating Media
Oct 17RTRYL; PBR Ch. 8.4, Ch. 14.1RA5Microfacet Models
Oct 18 Quiz 2 
Oct 19RTNW Ch. 9; PBR Ch. 15 Participating Media
Oct 20  X-hour
Oct 21RTNW Ch. 9; PBR Ch. 15PA4No class
Week 7: Participating Media, Bidirectional path tracing
Oct 24RTNW Ch. 9; PBR Ch. 15RA6, ProposalParticipating Media
Oct 26RTNW Ch. 9; PBR Ch. 15 Ch. 16 Participating Media
Oct 27  X-hour
Oct 28PBR Ch. 16 Light Tracing & Bidirectional Path Tracing
Week 8: Photon Mapping
Oct 31PBR Ch. 16RA7, PA5Photon Mapping
Nov 2PBR Ch. 16 Photon Mapping
Nov 3  X-hour
Nov 4RTNW Ch. 9; PBR Ch. 15; Ch. 16 Volumetric Photon Mapping
Week 9: Many Light Methods, Stratification & Misc.
Nov 7 RA8Many Light Methods
Nov 9PBR Ch. 7.37.7 Stratified Sampling
Nov 10  X-hour
Nov 11PBR Ch. 7Quiz 3Orthogonal Array Sampling
Week 10: Misc.
Nov 14PBR Ch. 15.5RA9Subsurface Scattering
Week 11: Finals
Nov 21 PA6Final projects due
Nov 22  "Final Exam" (Rendering Competition, 8am!)